SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

Learning Alliances: Key Documents

SWITCH - Learning Alliances

Here you can find and use a series of Briefing Notes on Learning Alliances that have been prepared for the SWITCH project. They focus on essential areas in developing research partnerships in Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM). New notes will be added regularly and together they provide a set of 'how to' guidelines. Other longer working papers and reports provide further information on how to develop a Learning Alliance and on experiences within the SWITCH project.

Learning Alliance Briefing Notes: These briefing notes provide essential information, with links to further resources, on the building and facilitation of learning alliances in urban water management.

Learning Alliance Publications – Complete list

Key outputs relating to SWITCH Learning Alliances

Title Author(s) Source/Date  
Building more effective partnerships for innovation in urban water management J.A. Butterworth, A. Sutherland, N. Manning, B. Darteh, M. Dziegielewska-Geitz, J. Eckart, C. Batchelor, P. Moriarty, T. Schouten, C. Da Silva, J. Verhagen and P.J. Bury International Conference on Water and Urban Development Paradigms: Towards an integration of engineering, design and management approaches, 15-19 September 2008, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium Paper
Learning alliances for innovation in urban water management J.A. Butterworth, M. Dziegielewska-Geitz, I. Wagner, A. Sutherland, N. Manning, C. Da Silva, and J. Verhagen Water and Cities workshop, Water Tribune Expo Zaragoza, 25-28 July 2008 Paper
Learning alliances for integrated and sustainable innovations in urban water management J. Verhagen, J. Butterworth and M. Morris 33rd WEDC International Conference: Access to Sanitation and Safe Water: Global Partnerships and Local Actions, 11-17 April 2008, Accra, Ghana Paper
Developing Processes for Delivering Demand-led Research in Urban Water Management J. Butterworth and M. Morris Working paper on progress in developing SWITCH learning alliances, January 2007 Paper
Background Paper: Learning Alliances for scaling up innovation and realising integrated urban water management P. Moriarty, C. Fonseca, S. Smits, T. Schouten, J. Butterworth, C. Green SWITCH start-up workshop, April 2006 Link expired

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