SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

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European Union Research – Framework Programmes 5 and 6

The 5th Community Research Framework Programme (FP5, 1998-2002) represented a turning point in European water research. During its implementation strategic emphasis was attached on integrated water resources management, based on multi-disciplinary/ stakeholder problem solving approaches and support to relevant EU policies, and in particular the Water Framework and associated directives and the EU Strategy for Sustainable Development.

The 6th Community Research Framework Programme (FP6, 2002-2006) consolidates further the acquired knowledge, by funding research in new concepts, strategies and tools for the mitigation of global change impact on water resources in Europe and worldwide, in conformity with the vision of the European Research Area (ERA). An overall budget of 188m Euro has been allocated by the European Commission to 58 projects. FP6 is seeking to mobilise wider and lasting partnerships among knowledge communities in Europe and international co-operation partner countries, building on existing foundations of decades of scientific cooperation in water research.

SWITCH is building on the knowledge of other EU research programs and collaborating with relevant existing projects to extend the impact of the EU Framework initiative. For more information about the EU projects which SWITCH links with, please click on the project titles below:

More information can be found at:

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Collaborations with other Global Projects and Initiatives

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Complimentary Research Programmes

Other programmes which are complementary to SWITCH and some of the larger research agencies around the world conducting major research streams on IUWM include:

The LIFE Programme

The LIFE programme is concerned mainly with the implementation and pilot/demonstration phases in the project cycle. Several LIFE projects have addressed urban water related issues.

Local and regional authorities face many challenges in delivering effective water management strategies. The LIFE programme, in particular LIFE Environment, has been a source of both funding and inspiration in this struggle. Local and regional bodies across Europe have worked to promote best practice and innovative approaches in delivering key policy goals around the management of that most precious resource - water.

More than 130 LIFE Environment projects dealing with water-related issues have involved local and regional authorities. These projects have addressed a wide range of topics, including the effects of climate change, run-off from farmers’ fields, reducing water loss, restoring hydro morphological features, wastewater treatment in urban areas and flood prevention.

Best practices by LIFE projects have been highlighted in the following thematic brochures:

LIFE and local authorities LIFE and local authorities
Water for life - LIFE for water Water for life – LIFE for water
LIFE in the City: Innovative solutions for Europe's urban environment LIFE in the City: Innovative solutions for Europe's urban environment

A specific list of water related projects is available here.
All LIFE projects can be browsed through the LIFE projects database at: http://ec.europa.eu/environment/life/project/Projects/index.cfm

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