SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

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SLIM – Freude am Fluss

Coordinator: Jeroen Warner, Nijmegen University

Timeframe: Ending 31/12/2008

The European project Freude am Fluss stands for a new approach to flood risk management of major rivers embanked with dykes: Live with water and leave room for the river instead of fighting it.

This entirely new way of thinking relies on two main courses of action which interact with each other:

Naturally, a new way of thinking like this raises new concerns and challenges. The Freude am Fluss answer to these concerns and challenges is international cooperation.

Taking part in this truly European project are universities, governmental and water authorities, local communities, and public organizations from France, Germany and the Netherlands. Their combined experience, knowledge and ideas is being applied in model cases along the rivers Loire, Rhine, Waal and Meuse.

In short, the Freude am Fluss concept aims to fundamentally change the way our river basins are being managed.

Website: http://www.freudeamfluss.eu/eng/

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