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Managing Water for the City of the Future

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NETSSAF – Network for the development of Sustainable Approaches for large scale implementation of Sanitation in Africa, Coordination Action

Coordinator: Technologie Transfer Zentrum Bremerhaven (TTZ), Germany

Timeframe: 2006 – 2008

NETSSAF's objectives include the coordination and integration of current scientific researches and technological innovations in Africa, solely for the creation of synergies to support large-scale implementation of sustainable sanitation systems in peri-urban and rural areas. The aim of NETSSAF is thus to propose feasible solutions for the achievement of the Sanitation Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

In order to cover the various aspects of Sustainable Sanitation, the NETSSAF activities and partners were divided into 8 different Work Packages (WP), covering all related issues and to be capped with the organizing of an International conference in September, 2008 titled "Pathways towards Sustainable Sanitation in Africa". The objective of this conference was to jointly bring together the members of the NETSSAF consortium alongside decision makers, sanitation professionals and practitioners as well as scientists, to present their findings and discuss future trends and directions concerning the development of sustainable approaches for large scale sanitation issues in rural and peri-urban areas.

Website: http://www.netssaf.net/

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