SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

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CITYNET – The Network of European Research Projects on Integrated Urban Water Management

A research project supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme which contributed to the implementation of the Key Action 'Sustainable Management and Quality of Water' within the 'Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development' area.

Timeframe: 31/01/2003 &ndash 31/01/2006

Project objectives:

The objectives of CityNet were to:

Project Summary:

The CityNet project cluster consisted of six individual 5th FWP projects and dealt with the integrated aspects of water management in urban areas (water supply, sewerage, drainage) including the urban/rural interfaces (raw water sources, receiving waters, groundwater). The CityNet cluster consisted of 47 research partners and 59 end-users thus comprising a significant part of the European R&D capacity and implementation potential in urban water systems. This proposal for Accompanying Measures (AM) was designed to widen and deepen the joint activities of the cluster partners with respect to three aspects of integration:

  1. The urban water system and its water resources
  2. The necessary infrastructure for water supply, urban drainage and wastewater management, and
  3. The socio-economic aspects of urban water management

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