SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

2nd Scientific Meeting – November 2007

SWITCH - Scientific Meetings

Papers and presentations given during the second SWITCH Scientific Meeting, held in Tel Aviv, Israel:

Session 2: An Integrated Approach to Urban Water Management I

Accra: Pro-poor Urban Water Supply Management in Accra – Case study of Teshie K. Nyarko and B. Darteh Poster abstract
Alexandria: Integrating Visioning, RIDA and DSS activities in Alexandria S. Apostolaki and D. Assimacopoulos Paper
Belo Horizonte: Urban water management in Belo Horizonte: institutional mapping S. Seyoum, A.A. Fikri and Z. Vojinovic Paper
Hamburg: Towards zero water input at the river island of Wilhelmsburg, Hamburg M.A. Siebel, P. van der Steen, H. Langenbach and W. Schulte Poster abstract
Integrated Modelling and Decision Making for Urban Water Management S. Seyoum, A.A. Fikri and Z. Vojinovic Paper
Łódż: Implementation of ecohydrology by demand-driven research and innovation in the Łódż LA M. Dziegielewska-Geitz, I. Wagner and M. Zalewski Paper
Social inclusion and integrated urban water management V. Nelson, A. Martin, A. Sutherland, D. Casella and J. Verhagen Paper

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Session 3: Urban Sanitation and Wastewater Reuse

Ecological engineering in citylake of Amsterdam A.M.M. Ali, R. Ververs, D.P.L. Rousseau and J.J.A. van Bruggen Poster abstract
Lima: Informal Settlements and Wastewater Reuse: Improve of Urban Environment and Alleviate Poverty in Lima, Peru A. Roman, M. Winker, F. Tettenborn and R. Otterpohl Paper
Lima: Treatment and reuse (in urban agriculture and green areas) of wastewater in the city of Lima – Peru Poster abstract
Multi-criteria framework for the selection of urban sanitation systems C. Agudelo, A. Mels and O. Braadbaart Paper
Multiple sources of water for multifunctional urban agriculture R. van Veenhuizen, O. Cofie, A. Martin, C. Jianming, G. Merzthal and J. Verhagen Paper
Technology selection for pollution control and wastewater impact reduction in Buga, Colombia A. Galvis, D. Cardona and A. Aponte Paper
Transport and Logistics basics in the context of new sanitation concepts F. Tettenborn, I. Kaneva, J. Grünauer, M. Winker and R. Otterpohl Paper
Understanding basic sanitation in Brazil: the population's point of view S.D. Rubinger, L. Heller, S. Rezende and P. Miranda-Ribeiro Poster abstract

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Session 4: An Integrated Approach to Urban Water Management II

Belo Horizonte: Governance of water supply and sanitation in Belo Horizonte, Brazil: an assessment of the relationship between the municipality and the service provider Ana Paula Barbosa Vitor de Oliveira Paper
Developing a New Scoping Model for Urban Water Sustainability E. Last and R. Mackay Paper
Development of an integrated water resource management (IWRM) tool and evaluation of environmental and socio-economic indicators Poster abstract
Ecological cities in China, what are we heading for, just more ecological urban water systems? M.P. van Dijk Paper
Economic implications of more ecological urban water systems X. Liang and M.P. van Dijk Poster abstract
Integrative Negotiation & Socialization of CP for Small and Medium Size Enterprises M. Sanz, M.A. Siebel, J. Gupta and P. van der Zaag Paper
Towards an information system on the water system C. Schenk, M. Soutter, B. Roquier and A. Mermoud Paper
Water Sensitive Urban Design Prof. H. Langenbach and J. Eckart No paper

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Session 5: Improving the Resilience of Urban Water Catchments

Assessing public perception of flood risk and flood control measure in urban areas N. Nascimento and E. Guimarães Paper
Birmingham: Inaugural green roof research in Birmingham, UK: configuration and preliminary results A. Bates, R. Greswell, R. Mackay, J. Sadler, J. Tellam and R. Donovan Paper
Birmingham: The Birmingham Research Programme: in context P. Sharp and R. Mackay Poster abstract
Development and application of a systematic approach for prioritising the risk of failure of stormwater control strategies within selected SWITCH demonstration cities L. Scholes, D.M. Revitt and J.B. Ellis Paper
Expected biophysical, social and economic benefits of Cleaner Production (CP) implementation: a tanner's experience T. Santos, C. Tobón, C. Toloza, L.C. Osorio, C. Castiblanco, J. Toro and M. Sanz Paper
Greywater treatment using a natural wetland in Ghana M. Aimé, E. Awuah, S. Oduro-Kwarteng and K. Nkrumah Poster abstract
Łódż: Building integrated strategy to increase resilience of urban catchments – Ecohydrological approach K. Krauze, I. Wagner and M. Zalewski Paper

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Session 6: Water Conservation and Safe Water Reuse

Birmingham: Natural attenuation potential of the urban hyporheic zone: field experiment set-up, baseline monitoring and modeling for extraction test design V. Durand, M-F. Aller, R.B. Greswell, J. Whelan, M.O. Rivett, R. Mackay, J.H. Tellam and J.W.N. Smith Paper
Birmingham: Transport pathways for viruses in a sandstone aquifer M.F. Aller, V. Durand, R.B. Greswell, J.H. Tellam and M.S. Riley Paper
Experimental study on a new type of hybrid constructed wetland in south China Z. Jun, H. Qiang and S. Kerstens Paper
Greywater treatment using constructed wetland in Ghana S. Niyonzima, E. Awuah, A.O. Anakwa and K. Nkrumah Poster abstract
Phosphate Removal from Membrane Concentrates A. Sperlich, C. Wegmann, M. Ernst and M. Jekel Abstract
Slow Sand Filtration of Treated Domestic Wastewater as a Pre-treatment to Ultrafiltration: Effects of Operation Conditions on Pilot Scale X. Zheng, Z. Liang and M. Jekel Paper

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