SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

4th Scientific Meeting – October 2009

SWITCH - Scientific Meetings

Papers and presentations given during the fourth SWITCH Scientific Meeting, held in Delft, The Netherlands:

Sustainable Urban Drainage and WSUD

Integration of runoff modelling into a GIS based decision support tool Heiko Sieker No paper
A modelling approach to support the management of future flood and pollution risks for extreme events in urban stormwater drainage systems Bryan Ellis Paper
Infiltration and detention systems for stormwater control in Belo Horizonte: assessment of demo performance and perspectives for use Nilo Nascimento Paper
Scoping the groundwater impacts of alternative urban drainage strategies Rae Mackay No paper
Decision making processes for stormwater management and institutional mapping for the city of Birmingham, UK Brian Shutes Paper
Decision making processes for stormwater management, Łódż case study Iwona Wagner and Heiko Sieker No paper

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Natural Systems for Treatment

Alternative Hybrid SAT Treatments to Upgrade Effluent Quality Avi Aharoni Paper
Ecohydrology as a Basis for the Sustainable City Strategic Planning: Focus on Łódż, Poland Iwona Wagner Paper
Wastewater Reuse: Treatment of Membrane Concentrates by Induced Precipitation Alexander Sperlich Paper
Electroflocculation – Constructed Wetland Hybrid For Improved Phosphate Removal in Effluent Reuse Avner Adin Paper
Guidelines and Prediction Tool for Pharmaceuticals Removal during Bank Filtration Andrew Maeng Paper

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Decentralized Wastewater – Decentralized Wastewater Systems

Diversification of water sources and efficient water use for urban agriculture in Beijing, China Ji Wenhua, Cai Jianming, and René van Veenhuizen No paper
Analysis of an adapted rainwater harvesting technology for peri-urban agriculture production in Huairou Ji Wenhua and Cai Jianming No paper
Design considerations and constraints in applying on-farm wastewater treatment for urban agriculture in Accra, Ghana Reymond, Philippe, Olufunke Cofie, Liqa Rashid and Doulaye Kone Paper
Water-dependent livelihoods in selected communities: analysis of practices and perception of water quality in Accra, Ghana Abraham, Ernest, Adrienne Martin and Olufunke Cofie Paper
Promotion and use of treated wastewater for irrigation of green areas and food production in urban and peri-urban zones in Lima, Peru Moscoso, Julio and Gunther Mertzhal No paper
Experiences in Chengdu in integrating grey water reuse and landscape design He Qiang and Zhai Jun No paper

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Institutional Systems and Financial Instruments

Using tariff structures as a demand management instrument Ian Smout, Sam Kayaga Presentation
Social exclusion: an overview of the activities in SWITCH Joep Verhagen No paper
The economic and financial aspects of innovations in SWITCH Meine Pieter van Dijk Poster
The feasibility of Rain water harvesting in China Xiao Liang Presentation
Institutional aspects of SWITCH innovations   No paper

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Keynotes and other papers

Keynote: Water and Urban Sustainability Research David Butler Presentation
Control of Organic Fouling in UF of Secondary Effluent by Bio-filtration X. Zheng, M. Ernst, M. Jekel Poster
Effect of Slow Sand Filtration of Treated Domestic Wastewater as Pre-treatment to UF X. Zhenga, R. Mehreza, M. Jekela, M. Ernst Paper (abstract)
Identification and Quantification of Major Organic Foulants in Ultrafiltration of Treated Domestic Wastewater and their Removal by Slow Sand Filtration as Pre-treatment Xing Zheng, Martin Jekel Paper

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