SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

5th Scientific Meeting – October 2010

SWITCH – Scientific Meetings

Papers and presentations given during the fifth SWITCH Scientific Meeting, held in Łódż, Poland:

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Session 2: SWITCH – Key products of the project

2.1 Overview of key outputs Carol Howe Presentation
2.2 The SWITCH Training Kit – a contribution to building the capacity of local governments and water utilities Barbara Anton Presentation
2.3 Books John Butterworth Presentation
a. SWITCH in the city book John Butterworth Presentation
b. Ecohydrology in Urban areas: Experiences of the SWITCH demonstration City of Łódż, Poland Iwona Wagner, Maciej Zalewski Presentation
2.4 Manuals
a. Overview Heiko Sieker None
b. Water Sensitive Urban Design Manual Jacqueline Hoyer and Wolfgang Dickhaut Presentation
c. Electroflocculation-Constructed Wetland Hybrid System: The Manual Avner Adin et al. None
d. Sustainability indicators for strategic planning: A training manual for Process Facilitators of Urban Strategic Planning processes Peter van der Steen Presentation
e. Transitioning Manual Alison Duffy, Chris Jefferies Presentation
2.5 Guidelines/Guidance
a. Overview René van Veenhuizen Presentation
b. Scaling up SUDS demos in Belo Horizonte Nilo Nascimento Presentation
c. Rainwater harvesting Cai Jianming Presentation
d. Resource recovery and Reuse for Urban Agriculture René van Veenhuizen None
2.6 Decision Making Tools
a. Overview Rae Mackay Presentation
b. The City Water DSS
1. City Water Information System
    City Water Balance
    City Water Economics
2. City Water Drain
3. City Water Futures
Marc Soutter
Rae Mackay
Eleni Manoli
Rae Mackay
Rae Mackay
c. Urban Sanitation Systems Claudia Agudelo Presentation
d. Stormwater Tools Heiko Sieker Presentation
e. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems Design Manual Mike Revitt Presentation
f. LCCA None
2.7 Policy Briefing Notes Ian Smout Presentation
2.8 Final Report Kala Vairavamoorthy None
Additional presentations
  SUDSLOC: A GIS-based SUDS selection tool for urban surface water management Mike Revitt Presentation

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Session 3: SWITCH cities' stories

3.1 Overview presentation "Putting science in SWITCH to work for cities" John Butterworth Presentation
3.2 Plenary presentation "The SWITCH transitioning Framework" Alison Duffy and Chris Jefferies Presentation
  Parallel group workshops
City Group A
Tel Aviv
City Group B
City Group C
Belo Horizonte

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Session 4: Scientific Achievements of SWITCH

4.1 The background to achieving scientific breakthroughs in SWITCH Alister Sutherland, Carmen da Silva Wells, Bertha Darteh, John Butterworth Presentation
4.2 Natural Systems for Treatment SG Avi Aharoni, Saroj Kumar Sharma Presentation
4.3 Sustainable Urban Drainage Mike Revitt Presentation
4.4 Urban Planning and Stormwater Management Heiko Sieker, Iwona Wagner, Mike Revitt, Jacqueline Hoyer, Björn Weber Presentation
4.5 Resource Recovery and Productive Re-use of Urban Waste Water René van Veenhuizen, Olufunke Cofie, Claudia Agudelo, Mónica Sanz Presentation
4.6 Discussion None
Additional presentations
  Removal of pharmaceuticals practical experience Katarzyna Kujawa Presentation
  The case of the micro-tanneries from Villapinzón – Colombia: A paradigm shift on the recovery of the Bogotá River Universidad Nacional Presentation

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Session 5: SWITCH spin-offs

5 SWITCH to the Future and the Future of SWITCH Hubert Gijzen Presentation
Video [226MB]

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Session 6: Subject groups – Scientific working meetings

6A Session 6A: Natural Systems for Treatment
1. Alternative Hybrid SAT Treatments to Upgrade Effluent Quality Avi Aharoni et al. Presentation
2. Application of Ecohydrology principles for Multi Chamber Sedimentation Biofiltration System (MCSB) in restoration of a municipal Wojciech Fratczak, Iwona Wagner, Maciej Zalewski None
3. Fluxes of Carbon Dioxide, Methane and Nitrous Oxide from two pilot-scale Waste Stabilization Ponds Juan Pablo Silva V. None
4. Laying a Foundation for Biofouling Control in Water UF Systems by Pre-treatment with Silver Nanoparticles Avner Adin, Avital Dror-Ehre, G. Markovich and H. Mamane Presentation
6B Session 6B: "Sustainable Urban Drainage" and "Urban Planning and Stormwater Management"
1. Best Management Practice (BMP) principles for the management of stormwater Brian Shutes, Laura Raggatt, Mike Revitt Presentation
2. The Role of Stormwater as a Resource in the Urban Water Cycle: A Case Study in the SWITCH Demonstration City of Birmingham, UK J Bryan Ellis, Mike Revitt Presentation
3. Water Sensitive Urban Design for a Sustainable Stormwater Management in the City of the Future – SWITCH Research Results Jacqueline Hoyer, Wolfgang Dickhaut Paper
4. Handling future uncertainties in urban drainage planning using flexible systems – The COFAS Method Christian Peters, Heiko Sieker, Jochen Eckart Presentation
5. Economical Consequences of Floods: modeling impacts in urban areas Vanessa Cancad, Ricardo Ruiz, Nilo Nascimento Presentation
6. Exploring groundwater responses to future urban water management strategies using City Water Balance Rae MacKay, Ewan Last None
6C Session 6C: Decentralized Wastewater Systems
1. Introduction – presentation of Briefing Note draft René van Veenhuizen None
2. Cleaner Production Implementation in Twelve Micro-Tanneries at Villapinzon And Choconta Tobon Carolina, Bello Tatyana, Escamilla Carlos, Santos Tania, Siebel Maarten, Sanz Mónica None
3. A systematic approach to conflict resolution on a case study on Cleaner Production (CP) implementation: A way out of social exclusion Mónica Sanz, Maarten A. Siebel, Rhodante Ahlers, Joyeeta Gupta, Pieter van der Zaag None
4. Harnessing the Water ; Sanitation ; Agriculture Nexus for Improved Irrigated Farming in Accra, Ghana Olufunke Cofie None
5. Directions for improving urban sanitation in Ghana. The water, wastewater and agriculture component Daan van Rooijen, Olofunke Cofie, Liqua Raschid-Sally None
6. Waste water as a source for secondary resources and linkage to other urban systems Claudia Agudelo None
7. The Demonstration on Rainwater Harvesting in Peri-urban Beijing Cai Jianming, Ji Wenhua None
6D Session 6D: Institutional Systems and Financial Instruments
1. Options Analysis for water demand management Sam Kayaga, Ian Smout, Daan van Rooijen Presentation
2. Financial instruments and institutional options Meine Pieter van Dijk None
3. Social inclusion and governance – including the urban poor: the case of Accra Joep Verhagen Presentation
4. Use of Learning Alliances in Urban Water Governance: Lessons from Institutional Analysis & the Learning Alliance for IUWM in Accra Alistair Sutherland, Bertha Darteh None

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Session 7: Results of Strategic Planning processes

7.1 Alexandria 2037 Integrated Urban Water Management (IUWM) Strategic Plan Khaled M. AbuZeid None
7.2 Planning for Integrated Urban Water Management in Accra Bertha Darteh, Marieke Adank, Esi Awuah, Kwabena Nyarko None
7.3 Decontamination and recuperation of water resources in the Municipality of Cali, Colombia. A Strategic Direction Alberto Galvis Poster
7.4 Towards elaboration of the Strategic Document. Advance on Strategic Planning in Łódż Monika Dziegielewska-Geitz, Iwona Wagner None
7.5 Results of the Strategic Planning Process in Tel-Aviv Avi Aharoni Presentation
7.6 Achievements of SWITCH Regarding Integrated Urban Water Management in Hamburg Wilhelmsburg Björn Weber, Wolfgang Dickhaut None
Additional presentations
  Institutional Systems and Financial Instruments Subject Group Ian Smout and Joep Verhagen Presentation
  Results of Strategic Planning   Presentation
  Water City of the Future   Poster

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Session 8: SWITCH – the way forward

8.1 Summary of the SG meetings   None
8.2 Workshop – towards the final report and ahead   None
8.3 Closing of the Conference Maciej Zalewski, Iwona Wagner None
Additional presentations
  Request for your input: Transition Manual   Presentation
  SUD/UPSM   Presentation

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