SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

Stormwater: Exploring the options

SWITCH - Research Area Stormwater: Exploring the options

Focus 1: Stormwater control technologies and risk reviews the adaptability of stormwater best management practices (BMPs) to a range of environmental and socio-economic conditions. It supports Learning Alliances in identifying city-specific threats and impacts on stormwater control strategies over both short and longer term timescales.

Focus 2: Design and urban integration of stormwater BMPs reviews the guidelines for stormwater BMPs, their potential to integrate with existing infrastructure and evaluates the performance of brown roofs and ecohydrology approaches in selected SWITCH cities.

Focus 3: Decision support toolspresents developments made in relation to the modelling of stormwater BMPs from a range of perspectives including site and BMP selection, water quality and quantity (SUDSloc), the analysis of life-cycle costs (LCCCA) and a relative risk modelling approach to managing uncertainty (COFAS).

Focus 4: Institutional analysis documents the current institutional arrangements for stormwater management in selected SWITCH cities and sets out guidelines for the development of stormwater management institutional maps.

Focus 5: Stormwater as a resource in IUWM provides a deeper analysis of decision-making processes involved in managing urban stormwater, with a particular focus on the identification of opportunities for reusing stormwater and its potential to contribute to meeting the needs of other sectors of the urban water cycle.

Focus 6: Stormwater Best Management Practice Principles facilitates the integration of stormwater within a sustainable urban water management approach and its inclusion as a resource within the wider urban landscape, providing inspiration for a creative, artful and healthy handling of stormwater within urban areas.

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