SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

Wastewater: Exploring the options

SWITCH - Research Area Wastewater: Exploring the options

Focus 1: Situational analysis in Lima, Beijing, Accra and Hamburg. Urban agriculture contributes to a wide variety of urban issues; it provides multiple benefits for urban inhabitants and can have many different functions. An assessment was conducted to determine which institutions should be involved in the working group on urban agriculture, what need there is for a particular demonstration, and what research should be undertaken.

Focus 2: Adoption and operational performance reports on practical experiences in applying "ecosan" source-separating sanitation systems. A comprehensive overview of drivers and barriers for ecosan implementation, operational experience and user perception based on over 100 case studies is provided. Performance improvements to the tannery industry are also explored with a focus on Colombia.

Focus 3: Treatment processes for pharmaceuticals presents research on biological and physico-chemical removal of these compounds from concentrated wastewater flows including the potential uptake by plants.

Focus 4: Agricultural use of nutrients explores strategies, guidelines, market value and logistics associated with use of sewage based nutrients. Demonstrations in Chongqing, Lima, Accra and Beijing provide experience and data and link action research to demonstrations (see demos for further info). Water recycling aspects are covered under Water Supply research area.

Focus 5: Best practice and decision support systems builds on the knowledge derived under Focus areas 1-4 and outlines approaches for sanitation technology selection under various conditions.

Focus 6: Institutional change explored the arrangements between government and stakeholders with a focus on resolution of conflicts and regulatory change.

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