SWITCH: Managing Water for the City of the Future

Managing Water for the City of the Future

Decision-Support Tools: Choosing a sustainable path

SWITCH - Research Area Decision-Support Tools: Choosing a sustainable path

Planners and decision makers working for local government or water utilities, as well as other interested stakeholders may benefit from the SWITCH suite of decision support tools. The tools are directed at integrated assessment of different options for urban water management.

Focus 1: City Water – A comprehensive DSS designed to assess the urban water cycle as a whole
The City Water tools is an information and knowledge sharing platform to support collaborative groups, such as Learning Alliances, in a planning process based on scenario analysis and strategy development.

Focus 2: Additional SWITCH DSS tools for more detailed investigation of urban water cycle components
More detailed investigations as follow-up or support to strategic planning require tools that are able to perform detailed evaluations of infrastructure components or management approaches.

Focus 3: Case-studies on selecting approaches and technologies for urban water cycle management
The suite of tools has been applied to a number of case studies, bringing out the practical relevance of the tools for urban water managers.

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